Emergency Protests:  Overturn the Texas Abortion Vigilante law

The Supreme Court’s refusal to block the Texas law banning abortions and deputizing vigilantes to enforce it is an unprecedented intrusion into the constitutional rights of women and a stunning attack on the rule of law.  This article in The Guardian is one of the best to be published about it.  And here’s Justice Sotomayor’s dissent, the Tribune editorial, and Rex Huppke’s Trib column.

We’re all coming together in several emergency protests on Saturday October 2nd:

Note:  the Illinois Handmaids will be out in force at the Chicago event — click here to RSVP.

Say it loud:  Abortion On Demand and Without Apology.  See you there … this Friday … bring your masks … and bring signs.

Repeal Forced Parental Notice Now–Tell your state legislators to support SB2190 and HB1797 !!!

Almost daily, a pregnant young person in Illinois is forced to beg a judge in a room full of strangers to “allow” her to seek an abortion, with her only other choices being a self-induced illegal abortion, telling a violent or abusive parent she is pregnant, or becoming a parent against her will and better judgement.

This is what Illinois’ dangerous Parental Notice of Abortion (PNA) law does to countless young women across Illinois and why the next Speaker of the Illinois House must publicly commit to play a leadership role in its repeal prior to May 31, 2021. Putting the health and lives of young women at risk for one more day is unacceptable and lacks excuse. The repeal of PNA simply requires striking a few sentences from the state statute, is revenue neutral (actually saves money), and is supported by every mainstream medical and child advocacy organization in Illinois and across the country. The time for leadership is now.