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Ed Gogol

What’s YOUR plan to vote ??? !!!

Our foremothers fought for it … suffrage, the right to vote … and oh, how they suffered, how they struggled.  It was a long road from the July 1848 Women’s Rights Convention in Seneca Falls, New York, to the final…

How Ms. evolved !!!

Check out this stupendous photo of Amelia Earhart, folks, in this fascinating piece from the New York Times…

Join the campaign for paid sick leave in Illinois

Paid sick leave is a feminist issue, because women, who still get paid less than men and disproportionately work in lower-wage, no-benefit jobs, are disproportionately affected by not having it. Please contact your Illinois state representative and your Illinois state senator NOW, to demand immediate passage of a paid sick leave law.

Pass the Reproductive Health Act

Please join Planned Parenthood Illinois Action, the Illinois Choice Action Team, Personal PAC, the National Organization for Women and many others, to demand that the Illinois legislature pass the Reproductive Health Act (the “RHA”, House Bill 2495.) Please contact your…