Frances Perkins — to whom we are immensely grateful — watch this magnificent documentary!

Frances Perkins was a most unique individual. The first women cabinet member, she served President Franklin Delano Roosevelt as Secretary of Labor from 1932 to 1944, and it is she who is most responsible for giving us Social Security, Unemployment Insurance and many other hallmarks of a civilized society.

This magnificent documentary, “Summoned: Frances Perkins and the General Welfare,” will thrill you and bring tears to your eyes. It is essential viewing, on the website of Los Angeles PBS station KCET. Watch it today !!!

Here’s the blurb from the KCET website:

“The first woman appointed to a U.S. Presidential cabinet, Frances Perkins created the social safety net that continues to shape the lives of Americans today. In her 12 years as Labor Secretary under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Perkins created the Social Security program, a federal minimum wage, the 40-hour work week and unemployment compensation, and ended the legal use of child labor. “Summoned: Frances Perkins and the General Welfare” tells the story of Perkins’ life through rare archival recordings of her voice, and interviews with Nancy Pelosi, George Mitchell, David Brooks, Lawrence O’Donnell and Amy Klobuchar.”

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