Pass the Reproductive Health Act

Please join Planned Parenthood Illinois Action, the Illinois Choice Action Team, Personal PAC, the National Organization for Women and many others, to demand that the Illinois legislature pass the Reproductive Health Act (the “RHA”, House Bill 2495.)

Please contact your state legislator IMMEDIATELY. Call them. Email them. Tweet them. Do it, and then do it again, and again. Get your friends to do it. Get more details at

Then make plans to zing down to Springfield on Wednesday May 15 for a big day of lobbying. We need a huge outpouring of support to get this critically-needed bill across the finish line.

Click here to register with Planned Parenthood Illinois Action for the lobby day!

The RHA would repeal some horrible laws now on the books in Illinois but prevented from taking effect by court order, and if the US Supreme Court were to overturn Roe v Wade, these laws could come into force.  For example, a married woman would be required to get her husband’s consent to terminate a pregnancy.  Women would have to beg committees of doctors for the right to have an abortion.  Doctors would be forced to tell lies to their patients about abortion.  Women having abortions could not be assured of confidentiality.  Insurance companies would be free to deny coverage for abortion.  Doctors could face criminal liability for performing an abortion.

Please contact your state legislator TODAY, and plan to attend the Lobby Day!

The key website is — it has full details about the bill, and links you can click to call, tweet or email your state legislator:

More info is available at Planned Parenthood Illinois Action:

And at the ACLU of Illinois:

Here’s the Facebook page for the May 15 Day of Action:

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