Anti-abortion memes

A FB friend posted this meme. Most times it’s not worth commenting on memes on Facebook. There’s not a lot of thought that goes into sharing them, and the person who posted it, usually did so because it confirms their own bias on a complicated issue. If you do comment, you can find yourself fighting off an army of demagogues, who will call you a libtard and much worse. Nevertheless, I replied with the following message and the article from the New Yorker.

Hi Adrian,
Nobody believes it’s OK to kill a full-term fetus. Abortion is the most divisive issue. Trump never would have gotten elected, if there weren’t so many anti-abortion memes, like this one, that accuse people of wanting to kill babies, people who just believe a woman and her doctor are in the best position to determine whether a late term abortion is warranted (and not some phony moralizing politician, someone like Ted Cruz). This article from the New Yorker is about the New York law. It begins with a story about a woman who learned at 31 weeks that her baby would be born with half a brain. It then explains that late term abortions are rare, and the many reasons women have for wanting one. Killing a full-term fetus (just for the hell of it) is murder. Late-term abortions are sad, but sometimes necessary, because the fetus is not viable or the mother’s life is in danger. 

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