Is there room here for “pro-life” feminists?

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  1. Natasha says:

    It’s funny you write about this. I had recently gone to a Respect Life meeting at a local church. I wanted to see what the opposition was saying about Pro-Choice. While the women seemed to generally feel the gravity of abortion from a [mother’s] point of view, I was pretty taken aback by the men who were highly vocal at these meetings. I believe at least on the surface the men of this group (it was a 50/50 mix!!) really felt bad about the loss of life. At no particular moment did anyone focus on circumstances or aftermath of “keeping” an unplanned pregnancy. While I felt a certain connection to what the women were saying about the sadness of abortion, I couldn’t help but feel that, at least from the men’s perspective, it was more about keeping a woman from having a choice. It was hard being just an observer but I learned a lot.

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